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 Temat postu: Eagle Mascot Costume
 Post Wysłany: Śro Kwi 26, 2017 8:59 am 

Dołączenie: Śro Kwi 26, 2017 8:11 am
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We love the Bomber pride on display and respect how passionately some feel regarding this mascot costumes search. We will continue to listen to the thoughtful suggestions and comments we receive, though our primary focus is with the responses that came through the official survey mechanism. Please be assured, we’re hard at work behind the scenes and we'll update you when we have more information to share.
While the time for providing feedback through the pikachu mascot costume survey has now passed, I know that the Ithaca College community will continue to discuss and debate this topic through both official and informal channels as the panda mascot costume Selection Task Force reviews the survey responses.
I would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm my steadfast support for both the intent behind the search and the process used by the task force. I would also like to offer an apology to those alumni who were offended by a comment I recently made that can be read to imply that alumni opinion is not important in the search for an official bear mascots costume. That does not actually reflect my belief, and it certainly does not reflect the process in which alumni—along with other members of the Ithaca College “family”—have been actively solicited first to send in nominations for a new wolf mascot costume and then to offer feedback on the three finalists.
As those who follow this blog and have read other communications from the college should certainly know by now, the “Bomber” name will remain no matter which mascot costumes sale is selected. Contrary to some of the comments and rumors that have been going around, there is no ulterior intent to diminish or eliminate the nickname our athletic teams have proudly sported since 1940.
Neither is the search for an official mascot costumes intended in any way to disparage the commitment our military forces have made in defense of our country.
One alumnus, a former student-athlete, wrote directly to me to say that a new mascot costume would add nothing to his sense of Bomber pride. I maintained, in a message back to this alumnus, that the bear mascot costume would help provide a meaningful introduction to Bomber tradition for new students more than it could possibly add to the pride of alumni already steeped in that tradition.
However, I failed to properly consider that many alumni may view an Ithaca College cat mascot costume in a similar fashion to how they see their diploma. The dog mascot costume is of importance to everyone in the Ithaca College community, which is why reaction to the lion mascot costume search—both positive and negative—has been so strong.
We certainly value your opinions and your involvement, and I see more than ever the wisdom of the wolf mascot costume Selection Task Force in creating such an inclusive process for submitting nominations and for offering feedback on the finalists.
The search for an official eagle mascot costume has created quite a buzz within our community over the last week.
We are hearing strong support from those excited about their favorite bird mascot costume, with chants for Team Flying Squirrel, Team Lake Beast, and Team Phoenix throughout our IC community.
We are not losing the Bomber nickname. Many colleges have different nicknames than pikachu mascot costume.
The panda mascot costume Selection Task Force felt very strongly that IC is a unique place that deserves distinctive options.

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Strona główna » Pytania do ekspertów » Emisja i higiena głosu - pytania

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